Dafabet Review

Dafabet is part of AsianBGE Group, which is licensed and regulated by Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and First Cagayan Leisure and Resorts Corporation. When you read the section on sports betting in the Philippines, you will notice that there are two groups of licenses in the country and the second providing a superior regulation.

AsianBGE also calculate Nextbet sportsbook, Platinumbet, BetFrontier, Zipang Casino, 777Baby, Casino Jamboree, and Dreamspin88 among other holdings.

Although dafabet mainly served Asian markets earlier in the day with players from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, quickly move to the highly desirable United Kingdom where there is a significant customer base of online gamblers.

To establish itself as a major player in the UK, Sportsbook wisely using the strategies that have been successful for some of its competitors such as Betway and bet365 which self-promoted through sponsorship.


Promotional activities doubled. In 2011, they signed a footballer Alan Shearer to introduce him to the Asian sports community and generate excitement for the game. Then in 2012, dafabet began a partnership in the UK by sponsoring teams like Everton and West Bromwich Albion, new to the Premier League at the time.

The brand is currently the Official Sponsor Top Club of Sunderland AFC, Celtic FC, Burnley FC, Everton and Blackburn Rovers FC. It is also the Official Betting Partner Wales.

Beyond the football field, dafabet use Jimmy ‘Whirlwind’ White, snooker superstar, to provide insight and analysis and has sponsored the 2014 Masters Snooker and Snooker Champion of Champions.

It’s a great strategy as the company is getting his name in front of fans who are more likely to share their betting and traditional advertising may or may not be effective for betting.

Dafabet continues to enjoy increasing success. He accepts players from all over the world apart from a few exceptions, and named the 23 Most Powerful Gaming by eGaming Review Operator.


Dafabet is The Most Secure Online Betting Company in Asia

Introducing Dafabet Sports

Dafabet is one of the leading gaming operators in Asia are set behind the Philippines in 2004.

In 2015, in partnership with FSB dafabet Tech to launch new sports betting website for the UK.

Dafabet currently offers only a sportsbook in the UK, and it is legal and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Office of the Revenue Commissioners in the Republic of Ireland.

You may recognize the brand dafabet through their sports sponsorship with several football teams including Norwich City, Fulham and Celtic FC.


Dafabet Sign Up Offer – No Sign-Up Offer

dafabet Promotions
There are only three promotions for existing customers at the time of this review.

Prediction Celtic Challenge – Get £ 5 free bet if you correctly predict the full-time score of the match Celtic FC. Free to enter. Max free bet £ 5 T & Cs Apply.

Prediction Norwich City Challenge – Get £ 5 free bet if you correctly predict the full-time score of the match Norwich City FC. Free to enter. Max free bet £ 5 T & Cs Apply.

Best Odds Guaranteed on all UK / IRE Horse Racing – Take the price on your selection and if the Starting Price (SP) is greater, dafabet will pay you out at the bigger odds UK and Irish horse racing only !. Antepost and Tote bets are excluded. T & Cs apply.


Sports Betting in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the fastest growing gambling markets in Asia such as online gambling is legal for residents during this time through a state-owned casinos, sportsbooks and bingo sites. For operators, this location is attractive because it is relatively affordable to set up shop in this area. The annual license renewed at $ 40,000, but the owners enjoy attractive tax system.

View the region as a whole, it breaks down into two areas of gambling:

PAGCOR – Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (state)

PAGCOR is the only authorized gambling operators with all land and online casinos, bingo, sports betting, and betting establishments

CEZA and FCLRC – Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and First Cagayan Leisure and Resorts Company


Cagayan is the only region in the Philippines which is not under the jurisdiction of PAGCOR, and it is a primary license and regulate the body’s AsianBGE and dafabet. Cagayan is a Philippine province in the northeast of Luzon Island and famous in the United States to host the matches reality show, Survivor, in seasons 27 and 28.

The operator holds the license both considered to provide a safe and fair gaming for the customer, and that is certainly reflected in the bottom line. legal gaming industry in the Philippines is currently more than $ 2 billion dollars.


What’s the Overall Experience Like?

We’d be surprised if you do not immediately struck by the bright red and yellow colors shown in Dafabet.com. This bet want to stand out.

Aside from the “in your face” color, the website has a fairly standard layout with sports menu on the left and timeline-sensitive front and center. He did a good job putting as much information as possible in front of customers without confusing things. The site is organized, and the menu is concise and easy to follow. There is little information, but new users should be able to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Top menu divides the overall site into different areas of the game. In addition to sports betting, they also offer a casino, Live Dealer Casino, Poker and other games.


In the Sportsbook itself, though, players can go straight to the sports they are interested because they are divided into “early” and “Live.” There is also a handy link to the game on the day as well as the coupons are available.

On the opposite side of the sports menu, dafabet provide links help leading players like Cash Out and “click-to Customer Service” button.

Switching from a possible format or Euro View to Asia View is also available, such as a link to the current promotion, live betting events, and a separate section for the increasingly popular e-sports.

Design-wise, it’s a great website as a whole for an experienced or a new brand of sports bettors. Everything is fairly described, and a thorough FAQ and Rules and Regulations of all the hosts in the Help section. And, when we say complete, we mean it. Anything you want to know about registering or financing of a player’s account or specific betting rules outlined for anyone who is interested in reviewing the information.

Before moving on, we would like to make mention five different possibilities that dafabet format offers for its users as it is rare to non-Asian betting offer so many choices.


Five options are:

US Odds – US (United States) are likely to be marked with a plus (+) or minus (-) in front of the figure. a positive number (indicated by a plus sign) gives the bettor payout amount will receive if they bet 100. Thus, if the opportunity is listed in the 105 for the underdog, winning bets of 100 would produce a 205 total. For favorites, chances are registered as negative numbers and equate the amount that needs to be staked to win 100. So, -110 require that 110 is a bet to cash out a total of 210.

Odds Decimal – Decimal odds provide a simple mathematical formula. Multiplying spectators bet with an opportunity to determine the payout. 100 at odds of 2.12 will generate 212 payout.

Malay Odds – odds Malaysia also has a positive and negative numbers associated with them, and negative likelihood for the underdog, and favorable opportunities are for the favorite, which is the opposite of American opportunity. When the likely positive, they just like the possibility of Hong Kong, so 1.02 means that a bet of 1 is staked to win a profit of 1.02. When the negative possibilities, it reflects the amount needed to bet to win 1. Thus, -0.55 means that the share of 0.55 results 1 profit.


Indo Odds – Indonesian opportunities can be more confusing than Hong Kong or Malay format, but they are basically the same as the US (United States) odds. The only difference is that the possibility of the US displayed in multiples of 100. Thus, while the possibility of Americans will be posted as 120, the chances of Indonesia will look something like 1.25.

HK Odds – odds Hong Kong has a formula as decimal odds. You simply multiply the amount staked by chance. So 100 bet at 1.02 HK odds equivalent to the potential advantage of 102.

Sportsbook Bonuses and Promotions

Dafabet: bonus, reviews, deposit, withdrawals – International Betting

Dafabet is betting that offers some value-add to its players. From the welcome bonus to bonus credit to all sport-specific promotions, there are quite a lot of opportunities for customers to earn additional bets.

This dafabet sale listings in Ringgit Malaysia, and currency exchange naturally fluctuate, but the one who repents Ringgit to about $ 0.23 in US dollars.

First Deposit Bonus – 150% up to RM 588

This time players can also take advantage of this promotion by creating Instant Transfer into their player account.


To be eligible for this bonus, at least RM 30 to be deposited into the player’s account, and then the credit in the amount of matching 150% will be made into a player’s account once the deposit is completed and customers opt-in to receive this offer. Also, players use the ringgit is the only one qualified. All people need to contact customer service to find out about alternative options.

There are wagering requirements apply to this bonus and quite a hefty one at that. Players must wager the bonus plus deposit 15 times at odds of 1.50 and above to have a victory to qualify for cash out.

Reload Bonus – 25% up to RM 300

Again, this promotion is only for players using the currency RM and then need to contact customer service after the deposit to claim this special bonus.

The good news is that the wagering requirements are less than the first deposit bonus. This is eight times the deposit plus the bonus Playing at together at odds of 1.50 higher. The maximum weekly amount that can be received in cash bonus is RM 300.

Weekly Free Bet – up to RM 90

Again, RM eye-users are only eligible for Weekly Free Bet. Players must register to participate in this promotion, and it is specific to sports betting only. Players who wager up to 30,000 in one week in sports, can receive the bonus amount of RM 90. The player bets as low as RM 7,000 can also participate and will receive RM 20 as the amount of their free bets.


More good news on the front rollover as a free bonus wager requirement for only one play.

Let’s talk about some things that do not require the use of Ringgit.

Parlay Unlimited Rebate

Parlay limited introduction Rebate currency listed in the RM but will be converted into other currencies, so that all players are eligible to participate in this one.

Players must wager a minimum of RM10 parlay mix (at least two options) with a minimum of 1.2 opportunities to qualify and no matches under 1.2 hurdles. rebate of 2.25% on each parlay that meet these qualifications and, (hooray!), only one rollover requirements on opportunities 1.50 or higher.


NBA Finals Promotion

NBA Finals contest promotion is free for all customers, but the player must have made at least one RM 150 bets to qualify for entry. Players guess the final result of the game to try to win the NBA Championship RM 150.

Back to rollover evil, though, as the winners need to play through at least ten times the prize money to qualify for a real payment.

There are other cash back offers and challenges depending on the season, but the player simply click the “Promotion”, and the entire list appears with all the ins and outs of bidding.

Ways to Deposit

As dafabet caters mainly to Asian passengers with a secondary focus on English and then followed by the entire world, he has quite a comprehensive line-up of banking options. However, they are all a particular currency, so there were only a handful are available for customers of each region.


Here is a list of acceptable currency for the transaction:

RMB – Chinese Yuan
USD – US Dollar
GBP – British Pound
RM – Malaysian Ringgit
EUR – Euro
THB – Thai Baht
VND – Vietnam Dong
IDR – Indonesian Rupiah
INR – Indian Rupee
KRW – South Korean Won
PLN – Polish Zloty
RUB – Russian Ruble
We will focus on the methods available to players from the UK. All of these storage methods available for GBP currency users and, in addition, dafabet do not include additional charges for financial transactions, both for deposits or withdrawals.

Another benefit to the player is that all methods of deposits given to them allowing for instant (or near-instant) processing.


Typically, we start with the most popular of which is a credit or debit card, but dafabet using Skrill as an intermediary for processing credit card transactions not directly from the account to the credit card game.

Credit Card – via Skrill – Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa
Minimum Deposit – £ 8:29
Maximum Deposit – £ 829.07
Turnaround time – a few minutes
other currencies received using these methods: USD, EUR, INR
Note – credit cards are not accepted directly; Skrill is the intermediary

Skrill (Moneybookers)
Minimum Deposit – £ 10.00
Maximum Deposit – £ 60,000
Turnaround Time – within two hours
other currencies received using these methods: USD, EUR, INR, KRW, PLN

Minimum Deposit – £ 10.00
Maximum Deposit – £ 31,000
Turnaround time – a few minutes
other currencies received using these methods: USD, EUR, INR, PLN, RUB
Note – also accept credit cards Neteller


Bank Transfer Online – by Skrill
Minimum Deposit – £ 8:29
Maximum Deposit – £ 829.07
Turnaround time – a few minutes
other currencies received using these methods: USD, EUR
Note – Skrill is an intermediary, this method

Minimum Deposit – £ 10.00
Maximum Deposit – £ 880.00
Turnaround time – a few minutes
other currencies received using these methods: USD, EUR, PLN

Skrill 1-Tap
Minimum Deposit – £ 10.00
Maximum Deposit – £ 60,000
Turnaround time – a few minutes
other currencies received using these methods: USD, EUR, KRW, PLN